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but taking hearts with us

These are dogs who are either available for adoption now or who have been fostered and/or placed by us. Each one of them has a piece of our hearts. To see a larger picture(s) and details about these dogs, click on the thumbnail picture (if there is one). If no picture is posted, check back later. There may be one soon.

If you're interested in adopting one of these available dogs, please go back to our foster/adoption page and get acquainted with our requirements for adoption if you haven't already done so. Then follow the link to the application. Or go there from here if you're ready.

Racey ("Opie") [Bold Deuce] - 1/99 - Adopted by the Hernandez family of Michigan.
[Krypton] Krypton [Bold Krypton]- 1/99 - Adopted by the Croteau family of Michigan.
Flint [Fuzzface Flint] - 1/99 - Adopted by the Hernandez family of Michigan.
Nate [Native Nate] - 1/99 - Adopted - fostering failure #3! Oops!
[Fannie] Fannie [DB's All Star] - 12/98 - AVAILABLE* - 10 year old large white/brindle female (retired brood matron)
Keeley [Wagtail Why Me] - 10-11/98 - Now Keeley Wolfmeier of St. Louis. Littersister of Dakota (below).
Tony [Gregs Redwing]- 9/98 - Fostering failure number 2! Now his name is Tony Shue. (Yeah, I know it rhymes.)
Lettie ("Dakota") [Wagtail Widow] - 7/98 - Adopted by the Castelnero family of Michigan. Littersister of Keeley (above).
Angel ("Drupie") [Angel At My Door] - 6/98 - Adopted by the Thompson family of Michigan. Littermate of our CJ and LB.
Rouletta - 2/98 - Adopted by the Simmonds family of Michigan. Half-sister of our CJ and LB (same mother).
Stimpy [Fuzzface Eddie/Stimpson Douglas]- 11/97 - Adopted by the Douglas family of Michigan. One of the coolest Greyhounds ever born!!!
Cassidy [Ion Mrs Chips]- 9/97 - Guess who flunked Fostering 101? Now she's Cassidy Shue.

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