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formerly DB's All Star

No picture available yet... soon, I hope.

Kennel name: Fannie
Status: Gone to the Rainbow Bridge 4/11/99*
Racing name: DB's All Star
Tattoo numbers:  
Source: Maupin/Thompson
Registered owner: Harvey Maupin and Loretta Thompson
Gender: F
Age: 10 in Jan '99
Size: approx. 65-70 lb, 27" (on the large side for a female)
Color: nearly all white w/ brindle ears and one small spot
Cat safe? maybe - can test if necessary
Kid safe? yes - but would not recommend home with young children.
Small dog safe? probably
Cause of retirement: finished career as brood matron
Present location: Cross Lanes WV
Comments: Daughter of Dutch Bahama. I've seen Fannie, but not recently and I don't know her well, nor do I have pictures yet. Hope to have pictures within the next 2-3 weeks.

Update 4/11/99 - Fannie passed to the Rainbow Bridge during the night. She had shown no signs of anything wrong, and she looked very peaceful when she was found this morning. Apparently her sweet old heart just gave out. Part of me is glad that somebody didn't adopt her only to lose her so soon. But the other part of me is sad that she never got to sleep on a couch or know what family life was like because she was old and not considered very "adoptable". But she wasn't unloved. Far from it. Harvey always spends a lot of time playing and snuggling with his breeding dogs and giving each one special attention every day. So Fannie left this world knowing somebody loved her.

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