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Limerick to Two Greyhounds

An elegant Greyhound Cuthail Jet,
As poised and as sweet as they get,
Every morning at dawn,
He nits as we yawn,
This CJ's a most perfect pet!

Our CJ we've come to adore,
From the moment he walked through the door.
It didn't take long,
We were singin' this song,
He's so cool, we want more, we want more!

So Blarney soon came into sight,
Two hounds in our home seemed just right.
Blarney just loves to clown,
And he won't be put down,
He gives hugs and he makes our day bright.

The Greyhounds now number two
At the home of John and Kate Shue.
And there's hardly a day
When one doesn't say
Without these guys, what would we do?

Lovingly written by my "Greyhound Mom",
Connie Cassidy. To see Connie and her
beautiful hounds, please
click here.

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