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We finally got Big Dawg on September 11 (after nearly three months of waiting), just in time for Dewey Beach to be our first big trip. That was fitting since the idea of getting a bus like this came to us on the way home from Dewey last year. But at the time we never dreamed it would actually happen!

Big Dawg spent the weekend parked next to the
Dewey Beach Liquor Store. Convenient, huh?


Big Dawg and me trying to con Slick Vic into
buying some Hound Mountain goodies.

This is what BD looks like from the back at night when headlights hit his rear end. Originally we had planned to just say "Adopt a retired racer", but people thought we were trying to find a home for A.J. Foyt. <G> We constantly get asked about Greyhound adoption when people see this.


Some of our kids enjoying a nap after a beach walk. Sometimes they sleep in the lower bunks, but at Dewey they were afraid they'd miss something so they stayed where they could see better.


Elvis and Tony "share" the loveseat in the front lounge. With all the other places to sleep, don't ask me why they do this, but they do. Tony has staked that seat out as "his" and he's gonna sleep on it (with his pillow, of course) no matter what.

The Dawg will be attending its fourth Dewey gathering in 2002! The hound family is at 12 now (one down from last year). And there will be a couple of extra 2-leggers on the bus, so some of the hounds will be staying home again. But the rest of us will be there with bells (and maybe some other unusual attire) on. And no, we will NOT be vending this year. But probably will next year.
Thanks to Paul McBride for the first three pictures.


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