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As it is now (September 1999)....

If you can't run with the big dogs - stay on the porch! 8V71 Detroit diesel engine, 5- speed transmission. Greyhound decals will be applied on the painted space between the windows on each side. Awning will be installed on the right side.


Front lounge looking backwards. Large couch, captain's chair, and galley on left, smaller couch and dining booth on right.
Front lounge looking forward. TV, VCR
and stereo are above the couch on the
left. Mini blinds in windows.

The front lounge has mirrors and tracklights in the overhead.

This is the galley, with a microwave above and an ice maker below, which is being replaced by a refrigerator.


Bunk area. two blocks of three on the left one block of three on the right, with a large closet beyond that. Most of these bunks will be removed.

Rear lounge. TV, VCR and stereo, plus two storage cabinets. This area is being made into a private bedroom.
John's domain... most of the time. Kate's domain sometimes. Yes, she CAN drive it, she'd just rather snuggle with hounds/sleep/watch movies on TV.

LAYOUT:    Seating Capacity:  12; Sleeping Capacity:  9 to 12 (3 triple-decker bunk blocks plus 3 couches) This floorplan is going to change significantly.
:  Entertainment center, dining booth, couches, galley, restroom, swivel chair.
:   Ice box (to be replaced by refrigerator), microwave, coffeepot.
:  Couch, storage cabinets, entertainment center, 2 closets. The open closet space will have hound crates installed. When crates are not in use they will be stored in the cargo bay and dog beds will be in the space. About 1/3 of the enclosed closet space will have a shower installed.
MISC INFORMATION:  15 KW Kubota generator; power steering; aluminum wheels; 3 ton house a/c and heat; bus air; 19" TV, VCR, stereo, CD player, cassette in front lounge; 19" TV, VCR, stereo in rear lounge. Engine replaced in 1999. New clutch. Jake brake will be installed (was installed in 2000).


The engine is practically spotless! No leaks! Amazing for a Detroit!
There are two cargo bays like this - great for storing crates and x-pens when they're not needed.

This bus originally belonged to Ricky Skaggs. For the next few years it belonged to a band from Columbus OH called The Challengers. Neat bunch of guys! Friendly, funny and intelligent, and great musicians! I think we have a new favorite band!

What it WILL look like...