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Hitchhikers: 1 elderly Greyhound, Grant. Rescued from animal shelter.

Starting point: Sarasota FL

Destination: Raleigh NC

Target date: August 7-9

Please see the suggested route table below the map. If you can take a leg (or two), please email Kate. The route that fills up first will be the route we use.

NOTE: If you contacted me about participating in this run last weekend, and are still available, please contact me again to confirm.

Map courtesy of MapBlast

If you can drive farther than the distance indicated in one leg, please specify how far you can go. Please keep in mind that these are "suggested" routes, and changes can be made to accomodate the volunteers who come forward. The tables will be kept updated as legs are filled or changed. As legs are filled I encourage volunteers to contact each other to arrange meeting points and times, and make sure you notify me of your plans.

NOTE: if, for whatever reason, you prefer not to have your email address linked on these tables, or if you would rather not even have your name posted, please let me know and I will simply insert "covered" in the appropriate box. The idea here is simply to make it easier for connecting legs to contact each other about meeting places and times.

NOTE - Email addresses of runners have been removed. If you need the address of one of your contacts, email me and I'll send it to you.

Possible Route A - via Jacksonville FL, Florence SC, Fayetteville NC COMPLETE!!
Leg To - from Approx.
ETA Sugg.
Volunteer Date
1 Sarasota FL to Orlando FL 129 2.2 9:00A I-75,
Peg Murphy 8/8
2 Orlando to Jacksonville FL 148 2.5 12:30P I-4 Patti Trakney 8/8
3 Jacksonville to Savannah GA 144 2.5   I-95 Larry/Karen Taylor  
4 Savannah to Santee SC 116 2   I-95 Mary Lee Peabody  
5 Santee to Raleigh NC 226 3.7   I-95,
Robbin Wiseman 8/8 or 8/9
Total Sarasota FL to Raleigh NC 763 12.9*   ------- A lot of
Mission Accomplished!
Thanks, everybody!

* Total driving time only. Potty stops, meal stops and transfer times between runners have not been factored in.



See where we've been and sometimes see pictures of our passengers along the way and/or with their new families.

GUR Unofficial Homepage - what we do and why we do it.

Tambourine and Apollo - St. Louis MO to Port Allegany PA - Aug. 8-9, 1998

Decoy - Goffstown NH to Durham NC - Sep. 12, 1998

Keeley - Belington WV to St. Louis MO - Nov. 7, 1998

Gabbi - Tupelo MS to Durham NC - Nov. 21, 1998

Robby - Exeter RI to Virginia Beach VA - Feb. 13, 1999

Valentine Puppy - Abilene KS to Port Allegany PA - Feb. 19-21, 1999

Sparky - Windham NH to Cedar Grove NC - Apr. 17, 1999

Rooster - Cache OK to Napoleon OH - May 1-2, 1999 - Run cancelled

AC - Rock Island IL to Cedar Grove NC - May 8-9, 1999