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Latest update 11/21/98 8:00 PM EST


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HITCHHIKER: Returned 8 year old fawn female Greyhound named Gabbi. She was given up by her adopted family in TN because she became destructive in the house. Possibly a separation anxiety problem. She will go into foster care in NC for evaluation and future placement. This run REALLY NEEDS to be done before Thanksgiving!



TARGET DATE: November 21

Please see the suggested route tables below the map. Please note there is a separate table set up for each possible route. The route we use will depend on where the volunteers are. Please remember that any route can be adjusted to fit availability of drivers. If you can take a leg (or two), please email Kate.

Volunteers: Please read the information below the table for more of the details of this run!


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Leg To - from Approx.
ETA Volunteer Date
1 Tupelo MS to Birmingham AL 137 2h45m 9:15 AM CST Kim Ginn DONE
2 Birmingham to Atlanta GA 144 2h30m 1:00 PM EST Ruth Mandt DONE
3 Atlanta to Greenville SC 146 2h30m 3:45 PM Renee VanderBeke DONE
4 Greenville to Concord NC 120 2h 6:00 PM Wade Brickhouse DONE
5 Concord to Durham NC 122 2h   Robbin Wiseman DONE
Total Tupelo MS to Durham NC 668 11h45m*   A lot of

* Total driving time only. Potty stops, meal stops and transfer times between runners have not been factored in. Figure at least 15 minutes per transfer stop.

ALL VOLUNTEERS: Some of you are old hands at this, but some are new, so here are some suggestions/instructions. You will be receiving email messages as a group from me as the plans develop. Please save these messages, as all the email addresses will be on the last few. If/when you reply to a group email, it's usually best to use your "Reply All" button.

If you have questions, ASK! The only dumb question is the one not asked.

Please contact both of the people you will be meeting (unless you're the first or last leg) as soon as possible. You will need to decide on specific meeting places, swap phone numbers (cell phone #s if you have them!), and descriptions of the vehicles you will be driving.

When you have decided on your meeting places, please let me know. For security reasons, these will NOT be published here, but I do need to know. If you are meeting at a truckstop, restaurant or other place that will have a phone, please try to get the phone number for me. Also send me the descriptions of your vehicles. This is so I can reach you at your meeting place if necessary.

If you have trouble coming up with a meeting place, let me know. I may be able to help find something.

I will start filling in the ETA blocks on the tables when I get the first start time. I'll check with each of you as I go through them to be sure you think you can make the posted times. If you can't, we can adjust.

On the day before the run, and the day of the run, please check the weather in the areas you will be driving and make necessary adjustments to your estimated driving time. If the weather becomes dangerous, the run will be postponed until it can be done safely.

As far as I know, I will be at home near my phone and computer during the run. If I have to leave, I will arrange for somebody else to be the central contact and let you all know who it is. If you run into any kind of problem before you leave, email me. If you run into any kind of problem after you leave, call me.

When you get back from your run, email me so I'll know your leg has been safely completed. Better yet, email the whole group. Once everybody has gotten home, it's fun to hear how the other legs went.

If you are listed as a backup, please make sure the primary driver for your leg knows all possible ways to contact you if you are needed.

In nearly all cases where there was more than one volunteer for the same leg, the first person who contacted me was chosen. This is absolutely no reflection on anybody, and to those of you who might not get to take part in this run, my sincere thanks. Your turn is coming!

Gabbi will have enough food for the trip, a leash and safe collar, and whatever medical records and other documents are required.

Take with you:

Be safe and be prepared to have a ball!


See where we've been and sometimes see pictures of our passengers along the way and/or with their new families.

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Keeley - Belington WV to St. Louis MO - Nov. 7, 1998

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Valentine Puppy - Abilene KS to Port Allegany PA - Feb. 19-21, 1999

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