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Sweet Stimpy! He lived with us for two weeks before going to his new home. Next to our own herd, he's probably our all-time favorite dog. When he was with us he was only a pup of 14 months, but we couldn't have asked for a more perfect gentleman. Kate cried when she had to say goodbye to this long-legged, affectionate clown. We were only able to let go with the agreement that if his adoption didn't work out, he would come back to us, never to leave again.
But his adoption is going great. He's now part of the Douglas family and they dearly love him. He's in the best possible place for him...but we still miss him nearly a year later! Getting to see Stimpy (and his family) is a major highlight of any trip to Michigan. Stimpy was bred and raised by Harvey Maupin, but never raced due to a problem with his ankles. We all think he was just more cut out for home life anyway. His new family has done a lot of work with him and turned him from a skinny, gangly pup into a gorgeous and elegant young man who loves lure coursing.

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