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formerly Kiowa Steve

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Kennel name: Stevie
Status: Available
Racing name: Kiowa Steve
Tattoo numbers: Right ear:
Left ear:
Source: Raines Kennel
Registered owner: Lester Raines
Gender: M
Age: 3years
Size: approx. 75lb, 29"
Color: brindle
Cat safe? Unknown
Kid safe? Unknown
Small dog safe? Unknown
Cause of retirement: Sprained hock calcified. Unable to race , but should not affect pet life.
Present location: Cross Lanes WV - HM Adoption Kennel
Comments: Stevie is a bit shy with people, but is very loving once he gets to know you, which doesn't take long. He was one of his trainer's favorite dogs. He was said not to get along well with other males in the track kennel, but so far we have had no problem with him on that score here, though we have only been turning him out (muzzled!) with Bandy who is very non-aggressive. He might do best as an only dog or with one or possibly two females. He may even work out with one other non-aggressive male if adopted by an experienced owner and carefully supervised for a while.

Stevie has a knot just below his left hock from the calcification. He walks and trots on it fine, but he doesn't put that leg down when he runs. Shouldn't be a problem for him though it may become arthritic when he's older. Mild medication (glucosamine?) will probably be all he needs in later years to keep him comfortable and reasonably active. Surgery may be an option to correct the calcification. Will check with the vet when we have him neutered.

Update: 2/6/00 - Stevie is really coming out of his shyness. He jumped up and gave me a hug and a kiss this afternoon! Turned him out (muzzled) with both Bandy and Bailey today. No problems.

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