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Status: ADOPTED - update soon
Racing Name: Greg's Redwing
Arrival date: 9/9/98
Call Name: Redwing
NGA Owner: Don Middaugh
Received from: Paw Paw Kennels, Tri-State Greyhound Park, Cross Lanes WV
Adoption Group? Private adoption
Age: Will be 4 years old 11/29/98
Gender: Male
Neutered/Spayed? No
Approx. Height: 30"
Approx. Weight: 70-75 lbs
Color: red brindle (a bit darker and redder than the picures appear)
Kid safe? yes
Cat safe? yes
Small dog safe? yes
Vaccinations currrent? yes
Health problems: none known
Description: Redwing is a big sweet guy who loves attention. He's a little timid at first, but he bonds quickly, particularly with men. He would love anyone, male or female, who loved him back. He loves to snuggle and lean on people he likes - a velcro dog in the making. He is very intelligent, learning to go up and down stairs on his first try and getting the house rules down pat in just a day or two. Within a couple of days he learned which of the 7 dog bowls was his and will go to it and wait his turn to be fed. His personality is blossoming fast now, and there's a bit of a rascal in there. He's a counter surfer extraordinaire (we're working on that), but not a trouble-maker. He's just curious and playful. He loves squeaky toys and chew toys, and is getting interested in the lure pole and chasing a ball. When he first arrived, he tested his pack standing, then quietly accepted his position as non-alpha. Gets along fine with other Greyhounds and has ignored our two small dogs since the introductory sniffing.
He's calm and relaxed, already occasionally lying in the "dead cockroach" position, and beginning to "talk" a little. He doesn't seem bothered by thunder storms. His new family should probably expect a little separation anxiety at first, but here he has only shown it by crying a little when John leaves the house.
Redwing has one of the most expressive faces we've ever seen, and his eyes show his appreciation for any affection he's given. He'll make a fine addition to some nice family and he's ready to start loving them now. This boy needs to find his family before we get too attached to him!

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