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Page Eight

8 weeks old - turn your back on them for a minute and they turn into Greyhounds!

Photo by Danno Krapf

Oh Lordy! Look how they've grown! That's what
happens when we don't get to see them for five
weeks. Now they're actually starting to look
like Greyhounds!

Little Harry (the fawn) and Gabe
are the two rabble rousers in
the bunch.

Ack!!! Gabe French kisses like his
uncle LB! <G> Little Harry just wants
to snuggle.

Okay, Harry, some attention for you. But
this is the last time (yeah right!) because
your two brothers are MY babies!


Photo by Danno Krapf
Two of the boys and one of the girls were ready
for action. The other sister and brother had sense
enough to stay in the puppy house where it was
cool. The temp was 103 that day.

Photo by Danno Krapf
At last! A chance to bond with
my boy! This one (Gabe) and
his black brother (Mike) will
be our little racers. *

*July 25, will be tattoo day. The pups will be 11 weeks old then. I'll be there to take pics and to cuddle each one after s/he gets tattooed. That was also going to be the day we found out which pup we would get half interest in. But that changed and now we're getting part of both of the two black males! One of the boys is a clone of his uncle LB in both looks and personality (and hopefully running ability). My name for him is Gabriel (Gabe), and I hope his racing name will honor the uncle he favors so much. The other black boy (not in these pictures) I call Mike (getting the archangel thing yet?) and he is just like his uncle CJ was at his age. Not spooky but more shy than his siblings. I'm hoping we'll come up with a racing name for him that will honor CJ. They'll both have angel names, anyway.

The tattoo day pictures may be the last for a while. Soon after that the kids will be sent to a boarding farm to await their 6-month birthday (November 8). Then they'll head out to Oklahoma to start learning to become racers. They could be gone for nearly a year! I don't know if I can stand it. Looks like I'll have to go to OK now and then. Harvey figures I'll MOVE there for a year! He might be right!


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