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Wigwam Wag and My Sweet Angel
(Oshkosh Racey x Penalty Pass
[Wild Breeze x Haven])
proudly announce the birth
of three sons and two daughters
on Saturday, the 8th day of May, 1999.
Proud uncles:
Guard My Angel (CJ Shue)
and Trackside Angel (LB Shue).
Proud grandparents:
Harvey Maupin and Loretta Thompson (the breeders),
Art and Cammie Hernandez (Sweetie's someday adopters),
and John and Kate Shue (getting their first racing puppy!)


If you've already seen the one day pics, you can click here to go straight to the 6 day pics, or here to go to the 21 day pics, or here to go to the 8 week pics.

OR, want to see something really amazing? Click here to see an untrasound of a Greyhound pup (not one of these) taken 8 days before it was born. The pup in the ultrasound is from Golddust's litter, born 5/29/99. Golddust is our Giz's daughter. The pups belong to Ron and Sue Anderson and Jan Stewart.

One Day Old

Sweetie Girl (My Sweet Angel) and 4 of the kids at
1 day old 5/9/99. The little fawn guy was
probably in somebody's hands.

There's the whole family! Does Sweetie look delighted
to be showing them off or what?

All gathered into neater piles now. Sweetie looks like
CJ in the face (to me) but she smiles like LB. But neither of
my boys has those beautiful angel wings on his chest.

New Aunt Caiti and Grandma Cammie meeting their
someday hound and admiring her brood. Sweetie, in true
black angel tradition, soaking up the attention.

Closeup - Mom and our five little speed
machines, two black females, two black males
and one fawn male (where'd HE come from???)


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