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formerly Bold Deuce (aka "Opie")

More details after he is delivered to his new home.
We'll let his new Mom announce him then.

Aunt Kate says I look like Blarney in this picture.   Stuffy toys make pretty good pillows.

And between naps you can floss with 'em.   I keep my toothbrush bone handy, too. I'm
really into dental hygiene, y'know.

This is MY bed, but I share it a lot.   Here I'm doing my "World's Skinniest Dog"
imitation while Uncle John makes faces at Flint.

Hey look! Snow! Wanna go out
and play?
  Yippee!! This is great!

Aunt Kate threw the ball so I could
chase it
  But I'd rather chase Flint!


Uncle John taught me to play snow hockey.   He was the goalie. (I scored!)


Then there's always the lure pole. Uncle John really enjoys that...


Any my personal favorite - SNOW TAG!


I did mention that I like toys,
didn't I?
  Especially when Uncle John's hand is attached!


CJ makes a good cuddling buddy.   So does his twin brother, LB.

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