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Native Nate

Kennel name: Nate (we often call him "Little Buddy" or "Gilligan")
Status: ADOPTED!!!
NGA name: Native Nate
Tattoo #s: Left: 66559; Right: 67G
Source: Brumage Kennels
Registered owner: Harvey Maupin
Gender: M
Age: 19 mo (born June 97)
Size: 63 lb, approx 28"
Color: Red fawn w/dark mask, dark ears and brindle tail (Irish markings)
Cat safe? Unknown
Kid safe? Yes
Small dog safe? Yes
Cause of retirement: Billed as "world's slowest Greyhound" <G> washed out in schooling.
Present location: Belington WV
Comments: Returned from first adoptive home because of cat attack, though I don't think he was directly involved. Very sweet and friendly after very short (just minutes) initial shyness. Currently in foster home with 8 other Greyhounds and 2 small dogs, and doing fine, though he is a bit timid with dogs in large groups. If he doesn't test cat-safe, he possibly could be made that way with work, but I would probably recommend a cat-free environment for this dog. Also should NOT be an only dog unless he has a human who is with him all the time. He's gentle and affectionate (a real velcro pup), and VERY well behaved for a puppy his age. Perfect for someone who wants the usual male quietness in a smaller package. However, don't let Nate's meek exterior fool you, there is a little bit of a nut lurking in there. It's hard to pin down, but there's something special about this little guy and he'll worm his way into your heart in no time flat.

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