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Never individually registered

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Kennel name: Margaret or Meg
Status: Available
Racing name: none
Tattoo numbers: Right ear:
Left ear:
Source: Breeder
Registered owner: Margaret Cummings
Gender: F
Age: 21 months (whelped 5/11/98)
Size: approx. 55 lb, 26"
Color: Black with tuxedo markings
Cat safe? Unknown
Kid safe? Unknown
Small dog safe? Yes
Cause of retirement: Training school flunk out
Present location: Cross Lanes WV - HM adoption kennel
Comments: Meg is currently a resident of our adoption kennel. She's a beautiful, tiny thing who stole our hearts the minute we saw her. She gets along well with the other dogs and has been no trouble at all. For a puppy she's remarkably quiet (so far <G>), but she's playful and friendly. This little gal needs to go home soon... while we can still let go!
Update: Vet work done 2/3/00. Recovering nicely and back to her old self on 2/5. Heartworm test negative.

I'm not very impressed with standing to have my picture taken,
but I just LOVE to have my back scratched!

Playtime is even better! I love to give hugs and get smooches, too.

Uncle John is pretty cool. I just wish that woman with the camera would stop bugging me!

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