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The Almost Heaven Kennel

As of January of 2000, we have completed work (except for a few finishing touches) on a small adoption kennel in our basement here in Cross Lanes WV. We hung the last gate on the morning of January 12, and the first two residents arrived that afternoon. The kennel has five pens, each of which is about 4' x 4'. Each pen is carpeted and has a blanket for "nesting", as well as a water bucket (hanging on a hook so it can't be turned over) and assorted toys. The kennel room is heated and air conditioned, has hot and cold running water, 24/7 music for our guests' listening pleasure, and a baby monitor so we can keep tabs on them from upstairs.

Here are a few pictures. I don't know why some of the pictures look so dark. The lighting in the room is actually pretty good. These pictures will be replaced with better ones as soon as possible.

The entire kennel has five pens, two on the left and three on the right. Straight ahead you can see the water pipes coming down from the ceiling. They now have faucets and a sink will be installed under them this week. There's a door on the right beyond the last pen that leads through the garage to the turnout area. Beside the door is the supply cabinet, bulletin board, message board and phone. Behind the camera is the door to the rest of the basement (our den, workshop, and John's office). Just outside that door is the refrigerator which can hold any foods or medications that need to be kept cold. The wall on the right is concrete, but it's not an outside wall and doesn't get cold. The wall behind the other two pens is framed and paneled. So it's nice and cozy even in January.
John takes a well-deserved break from building
pens while Blarney and Cassidy inspect his work.
The carpet must be pretty soft for Princess
Cassidy to lie down on it!
MONSTER checks the measurements for the gate on pen 4
while Blarney makes sure the lid is tight on the kibble bin.
Bailey, Bandy and Stevie seem to like their new digs.
Mo and Meg seem pretty content, too. Not quite like
home, but close enough (for now).
This is the work area. A sink and larger counter space will be
installed where the small floor cabinet is now. The cabinet on
the right holds various supplies. A rack for collars, leads and
muzzles and a set of shelves are still waiting to be installed.
Here's that all-important fridge. Dogfood and
meds can be kept here, but there's still plenty
of room for 2-legger munchies and Cokes. The
door on the left goes into the kennel. Giz,
Cassidy and Kingfish are all waiting for the
fridge to be opened, of course. MONSTER is
still trying to figure out what's behind Door #1.

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