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formerly DB's All Star

No picture available yet... soon, I hope.

Kennel name: Fannie
Racing name: DB's All Star
Tattoo numbers:  
Source: Maupin/Thompson
Registered owner: Harvey Maupin and Loretta Thompson
Gender: F
Age: 10 in Jan '99
Size: approx. 65-70 lb, 27" (on the large side for a female)
Color: nearly all white w/ brindle ears and one small spot
Cat safe? maybe - can test if necessary
Kid safe? yes - but would not recommend home with young children.
Small dog safe? probably
Cause of retirement: finished career as brood matron
Present location: Cross Lanes WV
Comments: Daughter of Dutch Bahama. I've seen Fannie, but not recently and I don't know her well, nor do I have pictures yet. Hope to have pictures within the next 2-3 weeks.

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