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formerly RR's Comer

Showing off his stuff.   Meeting his new Mom!

Kennel name: Comer
Status: Adopted
Racing name: RR's Comer
Tattoo numbers: Right ear:
Left ear:
Source: Brumage Kennels
Registered owner:  
Gender: M
Age: 4.5 years (born 11/94)
Size: approx. 75 lb, 29" - will probably be about 80 lbs pet weight.
Color: Brindle
Cat safe? Unknown
Kid safe? Unknown
Small dog safe? Unknown
Cause of retirement: Age and minor injury (pulled muscle), will be fine for pet purposes after a couple of weeks rest.
Present location: Cross Lanes WV
Comments: Harvey says this dog is very special, friendly and affectionate. He love to have his neck rubbed and will moan and lean on you if you do that. Gets along fine with other dogs in the kennel.

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