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In transition....
Now here's a REAL Greyhound bus!

(Note: the color in these pictures is off. It should be the color shown
on the previous page, or a little lighter than this text.)


Above and below shows roughly what the new decals we have planned will look like. The decals are not actually on the bus yet. They will be a silver reflective material. These are VERY rough sketches.

2002 - we still don't have these side decals done (they're outrageously expensive, but someday we'll have them), and the one for the rear got changed a lot, but it's on.


Denny, Coy and John enjoying the comforts of home. The sofas and booth seats are (in 2002) in the process of being re-covered in removable (WASHABLE) blue denim. Greyhounds, as it turns out, aren't very easy on light beige upholstery. The old carpet has been
replaced with new that vacuums easier.

This is the new layout. (Not exactly to scale, but fairly close.) This part of the transition is done. The shower is in! FINALLY!!! Several of the middle bunks have been taken out to make those remaining much roomier and more comfortable. So instead of sleeping 12, the Dawg only sleeps 5 now. Not counting hounds, of course.



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