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(This page still has a lot of work to be done, so please bear with me. Most of the information is here, but still needs to be sorted and rearranged, and all the links tested. While I'm in the process of getting this finished, if you find a link that doesn't work, PLEASE email me about it.)

Karen Conn's MISSING PEACE homepage  Karen is the lady who found Kathy for us.  

This is a new one: Do this one first,very good

To find someone by DOB, sex, etc:

If you have a name try

If you have a name or just a first name and a dob: contact Jaymie , she is a bmom and a professional searcher that has access to databases that we don't and is very very reasonable in cost (usually under $25.00)*

Another source of help, especially if you only have a name and dob: Karen Conn  Karen is the one who found Kathy for us.  

Everyone involved in adoption should have this address:
International Soundex Reunion Registry (ISRR)
P.O.Box 2312
Carson City, NV 89702
(702) 882-7755
Free form, free registration, non-profit organization, donations accepted, literature lists available, any member of the birth or adopting family can register, many register only the birthdate, gender, and general location, they do the best they can, and they have trained staff available.

SUPPORT GROUPS: THESE ARE ALL FREE!!!!!!!! ************************************************************************ ADOPTEES ONLY: Carters group is available for adoptees ONLY, over 1300+ membership, write for details.

ALL MEMBERS OF TRIAD: Dees group is made up of adoptees/aparents and bparents and friends and relatives (so you can be a sibling that is searching, etc) Is a great place for support and search help TO subscribe send an e/mail to In the body of the message type subscribe adopting (it will send you a letter with a confirmation number in it, make sure you send it back :) )

BIRTHMOMS ONLY: Alana's group is available for bmoms ONLY. It is a great place for friendship, support and search help. write for details on how to subscribe.

Lots of Web sites: ************************************************************************ **************** Can apply for a death cert., don't need complete dates. This information is available in HTML format on the Web: (KKay's Adoption Corner)

How to Start Searching - Some Basics

************************************************************************ ***************

Adoptees Resources

Adoptee's Right to Know

Adoptee Search and Reunion Resource

Carter Thompson's WWW Home Page

Searching For Birth Relatives - NAIC also try:

REUNION REGISTRIES, SEARCH LISTINGS, ETC ************************************************************************ ****************> ************************************************************************ **************** Free service (just established 9/96) for all adoption participants -- LINKS Post-Legal Adoption (Canada)

Action Services for the Adult Adoptee ************************************************************************ ****************


Adoption: Adoptees and Birth Parents in search of ...

Adoption and Adoptees,

BPA Database (Louise Oflaherty)

Born in Texas

Canadian Adoptees Home Page

Heartland Web Page (Iowa)

Kim Antell's Adoption Page

Mary Ann's Registry

NYS Department of Health Gopher gopher://

Parent Finders N.C.R.



Reunions Magazine

Search Name List

World Wide Registry

Searchable Databases, ************************************************************************ ****************

The following services being offered by the Los Angeles Public Library: People Locator Services; Social Security Search; Address Update Search; Household Profile Search. The SSN and address update searches are described as being based on data derived from the 3 credit reporting agencies. Data in the household profile search comes from an unspecified database of information on 92 million households. (Sample output is provided. DMV Searches

American War Library The largest publically available database of US Veterans, from active duty to Revoluntionary War. Also listing of War correspondants and other civilian personnel, military orgs, etc.

Cyberpages Intl - Lost and Missing Relatives

Kim's Searching For People Page

Links to telephone, address, zipcodes, etc.

Root Diggin Dept

Links to searchable telephone, zip code, other databases and general information on genealogical and adoption searches. ************************************************************************ **************** Certified Pilot Database: This database contains around 600,000 pilots and you can specify searches using different options. (last update: March 1, 1996). Select search and scroll down to find link for the Certified Pilot Database Includes pilots addresses and certification (private, commercial)

The US Postal Service zip code locator:

Please tell your friends about our free missing person database.

************************************************************************ **************** These are questions you might want to ask in your search: 1) What name was the child given?..... Initials?......... 2) Do they have brothers or sisters?...... Names & ages of these other children?........... 3) What nationality are the parents? 4) How long were they married (if married) or together when they adopted/gave birth to this child? 5) What were/are their occupations? 6) What are the parents names?........ Initials?......... 7) How old were the parents? 8) Where and when were the parents born? 9) What did the parents look like? 10) What was the parents religion? 11) What were the parents educational levels? 12) Did the parents graduate?........ Where and when?.......... 13) Were any family members in the military?....... What branch?..... Where and when?........... 14) Was this child baptized?........ Where and when?........ 15) Where there any divorces?........ When and where?........... 16) Was this child ever in foster care?....... When/where?......... 17) Was there ever any court actions taken affecting this child?...... When/where?......... 18) Has this agency ever made contact with the child or parents after finalization?......... Why (if so)?.......... 19) What is the best way for me to update my files or get (give) medical information? 20) Does the agency have a waiver system in place? 21) How can you help me contact the child/parents? 22) Was this a multiple birth? 23) What hospital did this birth occur in? 24) Who was the attending physician? 25) Who gave consent for this adoption? 26) Grandparent information? 27) Which court finalized this adoption?....... Judges name?....... Case worker's name?.............. 28) Were there any deaths in the immediate family from illness?.... What illness? ************************************************************************ **************** We have added a search database on our to anyone for submission or searching of missing persons...please pass our URL on to your friends ************************************************************************ **************** In Louisiana, the law protects the right of inheritance of an adoptee. The adoptee must file with the court to open records for this reason, but the right is absolute and in fact *CANNOT* be abrogated. ************************************************************************ **************** Thanks, John G. Shue 311 Centre St. Belington WV 26250

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